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Liberty PowerVac - LPV01

Cordless - Handheld - Sensor Vacuum Cleaner, better than A dyson

Smart Dust Sensor

Liberty PowerVac has intelligent sensor for the Dust human eye cannot see for a TOTAL CLEAN


For total freedom


Take me anywhere any time


Liberty, freedom at an affordable price

Flexible Led illuminated Brush

Liberty PowerVac is all you need for under furniture cleaning, equipment with 180° flexibility attachment so you don’t bend

Digital Touch Display Screen

Handy information on what your vacuum cleaner is doing

Motorised Led illuminated Floor Brush

Simplified effortless floor cleaning

Auto Mode

Liberty PowerVac is not only intelligent, it makes up its mind on how to react to dust and different surfaces.

EcoClean Mode

Energy saving, less load on the battery


One CLICK to empty the Dust

Detachable Battery

Replaceable and rechargeable battery


The days of messy cleaner bags are behind us with Liberty Po

Liberty PowerVac - Intelligent Vacuum

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